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About us

At Winsome Therapy Clinic, we create individualized ABA intervention plans designed to fit your child and family’s needs. 


We offer high-quality Early Intensive Behavior Intervention services based on current and evidence-based practices provided by well-trained professionals. 


Lidy Kerr has been a Board Certified Behavior Analyst, BCBA, since 2021.


Lidy received a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration in 2006. She moved from Brazil to Montana in 2008, after getting married to a very loving, supportive husband.


In 2010 Lidy became a mother of a beautiful little girl named Gracie, and in 2012 she had her 2nd child, Cody.


Lidy was very fortunate to have the ability to stay at home with her children in their early years to participate in and witness every developmental milestone. Once her children were enrolled in the public educational system, Lidy became an avid volunteer to help with their education. At the age of six, her youngest child was diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, ADHD.


As any other parent would, Lidy and her husband wanted to give their son the best tools to manage his ADHD. While reading articles to help them understand her son’s challenges and how to provide the best guidance, she discovered ABA, Applied Behavior Analysis. She fell in love with the field and pursued the career to help other children and their families.


In July of 2021, Lidy concluded her Master’s degree in the Science of Special Education with an Emphasis in Applied Behavior Analysis from Montana State University of Billings. Lidy sat for the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. She passed and obtained her ABA certification in September of 2021.

Lidy loves traveling with her family worldwide, as well as walking and spending time with her dogs. One of her biggest passions is teaching others about Applied Behavior Analysis and how it can improve the quality of life for those she assists and their families.

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